Terms & Conditions

Terms of membership

Energy360 shall be operated as a propriety studio owned by RWE Swindon and located at Trigonos, Whitehill Way SN5 6PB. Energy360 will be administered by 3d Leisure.  The owner shall solely determine the facilities of the studio; any amendment or replacement shall be at the owner’s discretion.

It is the aim of ‘Energy360’ to provide a pleasurable part of your leisure time.  To that end we have put together, some simple “terms of membership” which we hope will ensure all members are able to enjoy the club safely and without being inconvenienced.

We welcome all members’ comments and suggestions.

    1. Members must tap in using the reader at the club entrance when they visit the premises.  
    2. Entry will be refused to anybody under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
    3. No animals are permitted, other than guide dogs
    4. Energy360 will be open 24/7 and staffed over 32 hours per week. These hours may vary during Bank Holidays, Christmas, New Year, and Easter.
    5. Management reserve the right to close the facility without any prior notice due to unforeseen circumstances. Whenever possible, advanced warnings will be provided.
      Health & Safety
      1. Prior to using the gym or studio, a Personal Health Statement must be read and signed. An induction is also required. 
      2. Appropriate studio/fitness attire and shoes should be worn when exercising in the studio and studio.
      3. Food, Glass, and crockery are not permitted anywhere in the facility.
      4. Neither Smoking nor vaping is permitted anywhere in the facility.

      3d management reserves the right to review the termination of membership with Energy360 and RWE Swindon in the event of a member committing a serious breach of the facility’s terms of membership.

      Other Terms

      1. Lockers should only be used for the storage of personal belongings.

      2. Property is stored at the owner’s risk and Energy360 will not accept liability for loss theft, or damage.

      3. Lost Property will be logged and held and we reserve the right to dispose of any items not claimed within 4 weeks. The club reserves the right to amend these terms at its absolute discretion. 


      Classes can be booked 1 week in advance. Should you not attend classes for 3 occasions in the same month, without giving notice, you will lose the opportunity to book a class for 2 weeks.

      Lone Usage
      1. To ensure your personal safety emergency alarms are in place and are linked back to security.
      2. For the safety of gym and studio users, Energy360 does not encourage anyone to exercise alone.
      Risk Warning
      1. Exercise is physically demanding and participation in some activities may pose a risk to gym and studio users’ health. All colleagues must not exercise beyond their own abilities to avoid injuries.
      2. It is the gym and studio users’ responsibility not to use any equipment which may adversely affect any medical condition.
      3. Energy360 warns whilst gym and studio users are on the premises using equipment and recreational services, users are at risk of, not limited to, suffering physical harm or personal injuries including broken bones, soft tissue injuries, joint injuries, permanent disability, or death.
      4. Gym and studio users acknowledge that any such injury may result not only from their own actions but from the actions, omissions, or negligence of other users.
      5. Gym and studio users acknowledge that whilst every attempt is made to ensure that recreational services and facilities provided by Energy360 are safe, there are some significant and inherent risks involved, and agree that the voluntary participation is at their own risk and responsibility.
        Data Protection Act
        1. We take the privacy of our members seriously and have a data protection policy to support this.
        2. We collect personal information from you through the membership form and your use of our facilities. The information we collect may relate to your physical health or condition.
        3. We use your personal information for the purpose of providing and personalising our membership services and providing you with information about products and services offered by us and our third parties.


        Energy 360,
        Windmill Hill Business Park,
        SN5 6PB